Growing up somewhat unconventionally, and spending most of his life traveling and discovering the natural beauty in each new place. Todd’s love of people, nature and the unfolding of time led him into a career in photography. He has been privileged to see so much beauty through the lens of photography and is fortunate to share each these unfolding moments.

Starting out in photography over 10 years ago, Todd started a lifelong journey with his vision. Early on living in California and being inspired to pick up a camera again this was a moment that would forever change his life. Moving back to the east coast close to where he was born, was a catalyst to his career as a photographer.  Todd spent several years shooting under experienced photographers and learning many great qualities from these mentors. Grateful and humble, he set out on is own path, shooting weddings, portraits and sports for the next 10 years. These different types of photographic shoots all seemed to be tied together in one defining characteristic, anticipating the magic moment and being able to capture it with the camera.


Wonderfully so, travel has always been an undercurrent, and where his hearts been, and by breaking away from the boundaries we sometimes create for ourselves he found himself in a state of euphoria. This path began to develop when he started shooting but it wasn’t until about 2012, with a move to Maui, that Todd became focused on shooting fine art photography. Even then it was just beginning to be brought to the surface of his consciousness, and over the past few years has been focused to bring this beauty to show others. The photographic style he’s been focusing on lately is unique in that many of the photographs he’s captured cannot be replicated.



As an artist, I strive to capture images that evoke emotional experiences. My current body of work is a collection of four main themes inspired by the subtle and ever changing state of the sea. In each of the themes Reflect, Flow, Anticipate and Transition my goal is to ignite the imagination and ultimately, to convey a deep sense of harmony.